How to Send Files to YourLittleFilm

It’s important that you send files as ONE (1) .zip folder of stuff – rather than having to send multiple email attachments. We usually will not be able to use files via email. So please use these steps…

1. Create a folder of all of the photo &/or video files you plan to send
NOTE: It is best to keep folders no larger than 500-750 MBs for upload.
If yours are larger than 750MBs it’s best to split them into smaller folders.
2a. on PC: Right click folder > click “Send to” > Click “Compressed Folder”
2b. On Mac: Right click folder > Click “Compress”
3. Locate the newly compressed file (the new file should be a .zip file)
4. Click this link to upload: to visit the yourlittlefilm File Dropbox
(or cut/paste:
5. Once at Dropbox, click “Select a File” > select the .zip file you just created*
*it’s important you select the ZIP folder file and not the individual files
6. Click “Open” > and the file will appear in Dropbox ready to send
7. Enter your name in “Subject” line and any desired message (optional)
8. Click green “Send It” button and the files will be immediately sent to us

So, there’s more than a few steps but they all go pretty quickly. Note that the .zip files take approx 30 minutes per 100 MBs being uploaded to Dropbox. It’s best to keep folders around 500-750MBs max or the uploads can stall and you’ll need to start all over (not fun). If you get stuck or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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