APPS! Get Capture – the fast video capture app for iOS

Parents Pop Quiz: How many of your iPhone videos miss the best parts of your kids being cute or crazy because you’re waiting around for the dumb app to open and then find the right button to press to record??

That was me up until a few months ago. Now I use Capture by the app design company Sky Balloon.

I even give it precious real estate on my iPhone Home Screen. Because with Capture I no longer have to fiddle around with the built-in iPhone camera and toggle between photos and video (which has caused many wasted unintended photos and videos to be taken).

Now I simply open up my phone, hit the Capture button and it is immediately recording video by the time I can get the camera in position. It easily gives me and anyone else a good 5-10 second jump on videotaping the action than when I was using the built-in app or any others I’ve tried (and I’ve tried tons).

I still need to test out the image quality and see if there is any resolution lost by using the app – but my best guess says it’s the same resolution using any app, including the built-in video camera app because they all use the same camera, lens, etc. And the folks at Cult of Mac also seem to love the app too (link to their review).

But even if I’m losing some pixels of quality here and there, I would rather lose those than lose the whole shot. And with Capture I can usually whip out the camera and start recording within a second or two and get what I want.

Link to the app, Capture here.




WATCH! Awesome “Stunt Poetry” in SLOW MOTION

Do you like watching things in slow motion? I LOVE watching things in super slo-mo. Seriously, the slo-mo-ier the better. Especially when it’s still crisp HD footage.

This piece, Stunt Poetry, by Rishi Kaneria at Synth A Studios is a beautiful example of super slo-mo at work.

Kaneria photographed professional stunt man, Daniel Ha, at hundreds of frames per second, while Ha did a variety of flips and jumps and kicks and all sorts of martial artsy awesomeness.

Seeing how Ha’s body moves when broken down frame-by-frame is equally beautiful and fascinating.

TIPS! the top family movies of all time

Want a list of the Top Family Films of All Time?

Good luck. There’s a lot of varied opinions out there. Some up-to-date and some totally expired (but still coming up high in a quick little google search).

The two best seem to be (my fave) The Top 100 Family Films from Rotten Tomatoes and The Top 50 Family Films from IMDB – since both use a collection of thousands of user votes to make the list and keep it up to date.

Though even these two can wildly differ. Just look at how WALL-E is #4 on IMDB but nowhere to be found on Rotten Tomatoes’s Top 100 (how can that be?? really? Wallace and Gromit in the Wrong Trousers, at #7, beats WALL-E? uhh, hmmm).

Still, it’s been fun for us to skim through the list and plan (er, debate) what we’ll watch next on Netflix :)

FEATURE! our little chloe’s “daylight”

Armed with footage from all across America and a killer tune (“Daylight” by Matt & Kim) we made this lovely little film of Chloe to show off all of the daylight around her and all of the light she brings to the world :)


FUNNY! toddlers & tiaras… twenty years later

From the funny funny minds at Funny or Die:

“Toddlers and Tiaras: Where Are They Now?” catches up with Makenzie (Ashley Tisdale) and her mother (Leah Remini), 22 years later, we find out Makenzie hasn’t changed a bit. Unfortunately.

GEAR! a cute little camera bag

Kelly Moore Camera Bag

Are you a fashionista shutterbug? Need a new bag – that isn’t the typical black camera bag?

Photographer and blogger at has a handy post featuring a wide variety of stylish bags geared towards women (and some men) who want to find a bag that’s safe enough for a camera, has good compartment areas for lenses, filters and other bits of gear and – finally (and maybe most importantly) – looks good on a shoulder.

Photo via Kelly Moore featuring their Libby Bag.


WATCH! a film shot all on iPhone 4S

We found this beautiful little short film through our friends at

Amazing that it was all shot on an iPhone 4S.

The director, Thomas Buthod, is from Paris and is also a great photographer.

TIPS! I Bought the Camera, Now What?

I Bought the Camera, Now What?

So you finally purchased that expensive camera expecting to get the amazing results you have seen other photographers achieve, after all you bought the same camera. But why aren’t your pictures coming out the same as theirs? Because photography takes practice just like another other craft. has some great little tips on how to really get to know your camera and use it to its full potential. Including:

Plan a date with your camera
When you meet a date for the first time you want to get to know them and understand how they operate, right. Well take some time to understand the different settings of your camera and experiment with them.

More great tips at their article here.




WATCH! these little candy rappers

These little kids all rapping about getting sugar highs and lame apples and raisins as treats is hilarious.



This is a classic little DYI film we did when Chloe was just months old. Have fun watching us carve her cute little face into a real pumpkin. (Don’t worry: it’s not as gruesome as it might sound) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Take lottsa great video memories of the kiddies!