Super 8 DVD out tomorrow! Enter to Win! Three SUPER tips!

You know we love cool old family home videos. That’s our biz! Turning all of those memories – whether on Super 8mm or VHS or iPhone clips – and mixing them with great music, professional editing, a little love et voila…. your little film :) Like this film of little Tate….
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We’re celebrating the release of Super 8 on DVD tomorrow by giving away a 2-Disc DVD set of Super 8 to one lucky winner who leaves a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook page or Twitter page. One winner will be drawn at random. Good luck! Let us know what your favorite film from childhood was!And here are three SUPER little tips for making your own classic home videos…

  • USE AN APP – cool smartphone apps will turn your crisp HD videos into a more vintage look and feel. Like the Super 8 iPhone app we featured or Videocam Illusion for Android)
  • MOVE AROUND – I remember all of my old videos as a kid looked like dad chugged a Jolt Cola right before he hit record. Have fun. Run around.
  • PLAY PRETEND – Just like in the Super 8 movie, think about writing a quick script (takes 15 minutes!) and have everyone in the family play a part. And… ACTION!

And let’s watch the old movie trailer from E.T. just for old time’s sake :)

APPS! The “Super 8” Movie iPhone App

With the Super 8 DVD release coming Tuesday (remember to enter to win your copy from YLF – link for details), we wanted to make sure you knew about this awesome little iPhone video app, Super 8.

The Super 8 app turns your iPhone into a classic vintage Super 8 camera. Just take some video clips, click a button and presto your crisp HD video transforms into that 70’s style washed-out, scratchy, stuttering Super 8 millimeter look. (like Instagram for video).

Watch our little girl Grace get the Super 8 treatment here (link).