GEAR! iPhone 4S vs Canon 5d MKII

This side by side video comparison is very visually informative.

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Rgrain on Vimeo.

GEAR! Point, Throw, Shoot: The Panoramic Ball Cam

Talk about seeing things from a different perspective!  In total the Panoramic Ball Cam ball uses thirty-six two megapixel cellphone camera modules that are evenly distributed around a 3D printed spherical enclosure.  This little gadget could turn an ordinary game of catch into a 360 degree moment to remember.  Check out the full scoop at Gizmodo.

GEAR! Wrap Your Lens in a Burrito

Cute but not so tasty!  I imagine it would be a conversation starter if it looked like you were pulling out a fresh burrito every time you went to shoot.  But then again, hasn’t everyone stashed a real burrito in their bag from time to time?  No?  Oh, this is awkward.
Photo from Gizmodo

APPS! Get Capture – the fast video capture app for iOS

Parents Pop Quiz: How many of your iPhone videos miss the best parts of your kids being cute or crazy because you’re waiting around for the dumb app to open and then find the right button to press to record??

That was me up until a few months ago. Now I use Capture by the app design company Sky Balloon.

I even give it precious real estate on my iPhone Home Screen. Because with Capture I no longer have to fiddle around with the built-in iPhone camera and toggle between photos and video (which has caused many wasted unintended photos and videos to be taken).

Now I simply open up my phone, hit the Capture button and it is immediately recording video by the time I can get the camera in position. It easily gives me and anyone else a good 5-10 second jump on videotaping the action than when I was using the built-in app or any others I’ve tried (and I’ve tried tons).

I still need to test out the image quality and see if there is any resolution lost by using the app – but my best guess says it’s the same resolution using any app, including the built-in video camera app because they all use the same camera, lens, etc. And the folks at Cult of Mac also seem to love the app too (link to their review).

But even if I’m losing some pixels of quality here and there, I would rather lose those than lose the whole shot. And with Capture I can usually whip out the camera and start recording within a second or two and get what I want.

Link to the app, Capture here.




GEAR! a cute little camera bag

Kelly Moore Camera Bag

Are you a fashionista shutterbug? Need a new bag – that isn’t the typical black camera bag?

Photographer and blogger at has a handy post featuring a wide variety of stylish bags geared towards women (and some men) who want to find a bag that’s safe enough for a camera, has good compartment areas for lenses, filters and other bits of gear and – finally (and maybe most importantly) – looks good on a shoulder.

Photo via Kelly Moore featuring their Libby Bag.