WATCH! Gatorade Go all Day Video

Some brilliant camera work going on here – all shot in a single take! If he missed one of the skateboard tricks they started all over from the beginning.

Go All Day from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

WATCH! Time Lapse Baby Bath

Now here’s an example of using time-lapse video to show the reality of parenting! ¬†Its exhausting just watching, but at least that baby is clean!

WATCH! Dogs + Video + Slow Motion = Smile

Dogs in Cars from keith on Vimeo.

WATCH! Super cool. Painting with (iPad) light. Nerdy but cool

Happy “Watch!” Wednesday…

This is a trippy video we saw from some brainiac artists out of London who are using an iPad and a custom app to create holographic animations out of thin air. It’s cool throughout – but it really seems to get super cool around the 3 minute mark.

WATCH! Awesome “Stunt Poetry” in SLOW MOTION

Do you like watching things in slow motion? I LOVE watching things in super slo-mo. Seriously, the slo-mo-ier the better. Especially when it’s still crisp HD footage.

This piece, Stunt Poetry, by Rishi Kaneria at Synth A Studios is a beautiful example of super slo-mo at work.

Kaneria photographed professional stunt man, Daniel Ha, at hundreds of frames per second, while Ha did a variety of flips and jumps and kicks and all sorts of martial artsy awesomeness.

Seeing how Ha’s body moves when broken down frame-by-frame is equally beautiful and fascinating.