FEATURE! our little chloe’s “daylight”

Armed with footage from all across America and a killer tune (“Daylight” by Matt & Kim) we made this lovely little film of Chloe to show off all of the daylight around her and all of the light she brings to the world :)


A Legacy: Irene

for Irene’s 95th birthday this year we decide to collect all of the photos from family in all parts of the country and turn them into a beautiful tribute to her long wonderful life.

little gift: iCaroler

Our friends over at Seismic Games created a fun – AND QUITE AMAZING – iPhone app that is perfect fun for the upcoming holiday get togethers.

It gives you a variety of Christmas caroling songs – complete with fun graphic characters that sing along with you and can be controlled to sing more or less.

BUT THE AMAZING PART IS that you can link up to four iPhones together to create a true chorus of carolers. And if you’re like me and not the best singer(s) this app gives you a great backup choir. It’s a great few minutes – if not a few hours – of holiday fun.

Check it out here:  iCaroler (WEBSITE) + iCaroler (iTUNES)

OK, that’s it for today. Hope we helped. Always feel free to ask questions HERE



this is jax. he is one sweet little boy…


yourlittlefilm is testing out some new moves. we just got this sweet special effects screen that allows us to put the little ones (and big ones) in any world they want. this time we chose the wonderful world of disco. starting in 2010 we will be offering this as a cool extra live event experience to make any party so much cooler than anyone else’s. enjoy!