FEATURE! A film for Castle Heights Elementary

As parents we love schools (maybe more than we did as kids ourselves) and YourLittleFilm had the honor of videotaping a fundraising event for Castle Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles.

The event was incredibly produced by the parents at Castle Heights.  They held it at a large awesome photo/video studio space called Screaming Broccoli Studios. And there was a professional MC and auctioneer, and a great DJ and great open bar. Just a really fun night to shoot and experience :)

And most importantly they raised a great amount of money for the school and will be able to use this promotional video to rally even more interest (and money) for next year.

FEATURE! our little chloe’s “daylight”

Armed with footage from all across America and a killer tune (“Daylight” by Matt & Kim) we made this lovely little film of Chloe to show off all of the daylight around her and all of the light she brings to the world :)